Dead Heroes of the Apocalypse

E.A.R.L. Audio Log 2012.01-07

subject name: One, recording:

“Hey, black man, what is the metal box doing?

It’s listening to your story.

Oh, alright. Hey, black man, what story does it expect me to tell it?

I don’t know. Tell it about our escape, I don’t care. Stop talking to me.

There was a red man who hunted the helpless people in the standing beds, he laughed as he killed them. The black man…

Stop calling me that.

…sorry, the black man strangled him with a clear rope and we all slid down a hole in the floor to avoid the stinging metal boxes. They found us though, and we broke a lot of them. Then we found the metal box I am talking to now. I did find another door opener stick though, so maybe I can trade it for some seeds.

Hey, hillbilly, shut up already. E.A.R.L. end log."


At some point we will need to help One and Ernest to understand that the name EARL is not specific to the hand held device that they are using. Also, at some point, perhaps after they get an opportunity to rest, or use the hand held’s tutorial, thehy will realize that it is not actually recording unless someone activates it. So…One will be talking to himself out loud unless one of the others takes the time to explain the device to him.

Excellent post at any rate.

E.A.R.L. Audio Log 2012.01-07

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