Dead Heroes of the Apocalypse

E.A.R.L. Audio Log 2012.02-04

subject name: One; recording:

“Ok, so Mr. Green finally got around to teaching me what this metal box really is. All they had to do was tell me it was a magic voice trapping device, how hard is that?

The black man hasn’t spoken to either of us in days. I think maybe he didn’t used to be covered in black insect plates before the flying metal boxes stung him and put him in the standing beds.

I met some gypsies on the road, who told me about Lootapalooza. I am so going to that! An entire ancient city to scavenge! I guess you have to have a team though, so maybe I will convince my new friends to come with me.

Oh, guess what? I can drive a truck! That truck with the gun on the back saved Mr Green’s butt. No, really. His butt. Some angry lady tried to shove a door opening stick inside him… I almost ran her over, but I missed. At least I got out in time to save him. I am not sure what the black man was doing so far behind us, but I guess he was dealing with the bandits we passed during out high speed chase! I got up to 28 miles per hour!! Holy crap, not even a horse could go this fast. We are amazing.

Side note, Mr Green has a new car now. The angry lady blew his up, but I guess she doesn’t need hers anymore.

E.A.R.L. end log. See? I ca—"



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