Dead Heroes of the Apocalypse

E.A.R.L. Audio Log 2012.02-18

subject name: One; recording:

“Well, not a whole lot to say. The trading post is gone, the horrible insect is roaming free, the stinging boxes have found us again, and I was attacked by midgets.

Ok, maybe I should slow down… We did some more trading over the past few days and ultimately decided to go looking around for salvage in order to continue trading. We found this cave, but the strange things living inside were not happy with our exploring, so they attacked us. The others killed the ones inside the cave while I secured our escape by killing another which tried to block off the entrance.

Once it died, I stayed at the cave mouth to make sure nothing else snuck up on us… and those midgets threw fire at me from the bushes! Really, they could throw fire with their minds, it was magic, so they had to be put down. I killed them all and stacked them inside the cave.

Then we searched the cave and found another really big gun! Mr. Green called it a gauss cannon, not sure what that means, but it was really hard to carry back.

Once we got back, the trading post was destroyed! Really! And the flying stinging boxes started throwing bombs at us. We had to break them all. There were, a lot.

We’ve packed up what we could find, loaded the gauss cannon into the back of my truck and are now driving toward Lootapalooza!

E.A.R.L. end log."



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