Dead Heroes of the Apocalypse

Falling Stars

This was session number one. Both this entry, and Dreamless Void took place on 01.07.2012.

The very first thing that i noticed, was that i refuse to stick to script. I just go on making stuff up, even though i have already made stuff up, and then i change things around, even though i took all the time to write things down in the first place. On the one hand, that is good, on the other hand it seems like a tremendous waste of time.

Now then, in session one, the cast came out of cryosleep and began to struggle against the manipulations of the SecAI. One of them got into an epic melee with a murderous psychopath. In the end, a once soft and meek high school teacher used a piece of medical tubing to strangle the life out of a dangerously unstable madman.

There were electroshock attacks, ladders, and a trip to the part of the facility that provided micro-manufacturing and mechanical resupply. There was a brief stop off at the digitizer, where anything that had been scanned in the past, including the prized possessions of the patients on board, could be reproduced in exact detail.

In the end, there was a run made on the command center, where, for the first time, they cast realized they were in space. Oh, they also realized that among all of the patients that had awakened, they alone seemed to be able to operate on any higher level. Everyone else so far was still suffering from hibernation sickness, or psychosis.

The SecAI put up a struggle, as was expected. The MedAI tried to protect the patients under it’s care, and of course, EARL got the humans, (even the one terribly mutated) off of the ECO base, and hurtling towards Earth.



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