Dead Heroes of the Apocalypse

Impact in 5...4...3...2...

The landing sequence went just great for the cast of the escape pod.
With the exception of Dustin’s character being rendered helpless by a blow to the head from floating about the pod in zero-g.

As the pod orbited the earth, trying to locate an ECO Safe Signal, the cast had the time to recognize that that the world they had once known was gone. There was far, far less green. And no lights to speak of when nightfall descended on the planet.

As they got even lower, they saw that most cities were in such a state of decay as to be most likely unlivable. Not to mention that there was a lot more desert now than their had been.

Finally, when the pod began it’s horizontal descent, they looked beneath them, through tiny portholes on the side of the pod, and saw a small, shabby group of tents, metal shanties, and the bodies of rusted, trashed out old cars and trucks.

As they watched, the EARL sent the appropriate signals, and the ground beneath the small camp of dirty, ragged, emaciated people began to first shake, then move. In fact it split in half, and a good portion of the camp fell into a black void that seemed to go on forever. Terrified people watched as their makeshift home, unknowingly built upon the ancient doors of an ECO Safe Base, retracted, dropping most of them to their deaths, and letting whole tents, sheds and tetanus laden homes fall into the pit.

For their part, the cast members inside were fairly cheeky about the whole thing.
One they landed, they paid little attention to the EARL unit. They realized that the hangar doors had rolled back into place above them, sealing them into what could very well be a tomb.

They set out to try and find some sort of help or resources, since it seemed that no one was going to be showing up as the EARL had promised. Leaving the unconscious behind, One and Ernest set out to explore the underground base.

Before long, the began to notice signs of how old and run down the base was. Then they found the remains of the poor sods from the surface who had picked the worst place ever to set up a temporary camp.None of those folk had survived.

Before long, they found a corridor, which ended in a room very similar to the command center on the ECO space station. Inside, among a few age mummified bodies and the dark, they found a few exciting things.

They found a Heap Turtle. A sort of ambush predator that had been using the abandoned base to nest before moving farther south where it hoped to one day mate. They discovered a mobile weapons platform that was apparently programmed by the same incompetent programmers as the people that programmed the SecAI, because when it activated, it immediately called them meat-bags, and started to limp it’s frozen servos and rusted joints towards the armory, where it promised to reload the empty weapons it had and then return to murder them all.

Also, at some point here, Ernest began to really notice how unusual he was. His new body type, his ability to lift things with his mind, and most importantly, the ability to use those things to really put a hurting on critters and robots.

They also had a brief conversation with the WP Shard, but were interrupted by strange mutated creatures, and giant robots. Both of which they dispatched handily. One in a fair and dramatic fight, and the other one they dispatched, well let’s just say they got away with it because i failed to remember an important structural detail about giant mobile weapons platforms.

Good for them though, i think the story will be better for it. The last thing they heard the robot vocalizing before it went offline was the word “Transmitting…”

Of course, then they had time to search the abandoned base, and find all sorts of junk, and wuite a few weapons left behind, secured in an armory for ECO personnel.

Scrounging rolls were made, and then it was time to figure out a way to get out of the base.

That didn’t take them long at all.
They managed to crawl out of the base, and under a malfunctioning security door.
Outside they found the remnants of the small camp, gathered around the debris and junk, and the one remaining tent. Vehicles were nearby, and as the six men stood whispering and smoking cigarettes in the hot, dry, dark, the cast planned out exactly how to murder them.

One crept to a powered down vehicle, once some sort of hauler or tractor. It was fitted with a massive cannon of some sort. Meanwhile, Ernest crept along in the other direction, and pulled out one of the prizes he had just scavenged underground in order to kill as many of the smoking men as possible.

Jack, (Which i think is Dustin’s character’s name) stayed where he was by the security door, exercising his cautious hindrance. (He got a bennie for that).

With no real preamble and with no discernible moral concern, Ernest used his scary new powers to hurl a decades old fragmentation grenade a the face of one of the unsuspecting men that had only hours ago lost most of his family, all of his possessions, and more hope than he could afford to spare into a gaping black hole that appeared as if by magic underneath his feat.

The grenade smashed into his head, and he was dead before he hit the ground. Of course the grenade detonated almost immediately, killing the other five men standing with him. It was quick and horrible.

Only two men, one that had been standing alone by his car, planning on leaving the others behind to start over fresh somewhere new…ran away from the shock and terror of the grenade blast towards the semi-truck in an effort to get to the most heavily armored vehicle in miles.

There he found One, who had climbed inside the truck. One bashed the man in the face with the door. Jack, still a little woozy from hitting his head in the escape pod, drew down on the man.
Just as Jack thought the man was going to surrender and stand down, One noticed that the man had a third arm, and was using it to bring a crossbow to bear on the unsuspecting Jack.

That did not go well. If it had not been for Jack’s keen sense of danger, he would not have been able to shoot the man dead.

Ernest, having found only one grenade, used his prized African war axe to subdue the man he was pretty sure was the leader of…well it didn’t matter now, everyone was dead now. The man fell to his knees…and Ernest cruelly attached what looked like duct tape to his eyes so he could not see. What Ernest did not know was that the tape was a technological marvel that had been designed to bond on a molecular level. That tape won’t be coming off. (The player knows this of course.)

So there we stopped. It has been approximately 23 hours since the cast left their cryo-stasis beds. They are exhausted. Some of them are hurt. They have no idea where they are, where their next meal is going to come from, or what kind of world they are going to be living in now. With so many questions, it is good that they have at least one prisoner to interrogate.

Also, that beeping sound coming from the Aegis Mobile is getting annoying…


The last two sessions have evolved on the fly. I have added, subtracted and changed so much stuff.
I had a great time during the second session. Savage Worlds suits our style and pace i think.

Impact in 5...4...3...2...

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