Dead Heroes of the Apocalypse

It Takes A Village

Character creation and game set up

The Dead Heroes like to make characters. We make a lot of characters. We like it so much that we often take our newly crafted characters, and our carefully hand printed character sheets, and beaming with anticipation and enthusiasm, throw dice until the character sheet is torn and dirty, the enthusiasm wanes right around ten PM, when the paladin forbids us to murder the orphans that are running the thieves guild, and the character ends up dead. The whole process usually takes a few hours.

Then we are back to burying our noses in the books, scrolling through internet sites, and cruising bowling alleys looking for new concepts, really kewl names, and pretending to listen to everyone else have fun while we build new characters.

That is how the Dead Heroes traditionally deal with characters. Maybe you do it differently.
Maybe you breath life and animation into the collection of stats and graphs that represent your character in a make believe world of intricate plots and vivid, creative storytelling. Good for you!

We try, we really do, but often it ends…poorly.

So this time i am asking the players to create their characters without having seen the rules at all. They know the world has been destroyed and is slowly being reborn. They know the source material is a lot of Mad Max and a little bit Fallout. They understand that i am going to be making up a lot of stuff as we go. That is what i do, after all. Knowing all of that, they are supposed to be creating characters that we then rebuild using the rules in the Savage Worlds Deluxe game. There are three players in this game so far, and i posted the request for ideas and concepts about a month ago.

ONE of the players responded.

His character is posted in the Character section for perusal, and so he can edit it as we play.
The other two characters, when they eventually show up, if they show up, are doomed now. They have incurred the wrath of an angry and very unjust god. I am Withered, and my wrath is not limited to punishing characters that already exist…i can even punish the characters not yet birthed into the creative fiction we are all swept up in. When their characters get here, they will be sequestered, quarantined, perhaps even ostracized.

Besides, i don’t really expect them to survive for more than a few hours anyway…

Finally, i submit the The Request to the players, in an attempt to garner glory for all of us.



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