Dead Heroes of the Apocalypse

The End

Well, the game has ended.

The post apocalyptic nature of the game made it hard to determine where the heroes might have ended up, but i bet they did not suspect that they would end up on what remains of a city, floating in space.

A weird type of space. Space that does not seem to act the way outer space is supposed to…

Are they dead?

We will probably never know.

The point of using Obsidian Portal was to create a place where the entire game group could contribute.OF the four of us, only two of us used it.

One of us was far too apathetic to use it.
One of us was far too busy to use it,
One of us used it but was only using to provide background information to the cast.
One of us used it to post character notes that reflected his experiences with the game.

I will consider how to better use this site before i leap into the next project here.

No matter the output here, i had a lot of fun playing with friends.



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