One, the Lone Wolf
Feral Wastelander

d10 Agility
d4 Smarts
d4 Spirit (+2 bonus vs. fear)
d6 Strength
d6 Vigor

Calculated Attributes
6 Pace
10 Parry
0 Charisma
5 Toughness (7 vs ranged)

d12 Fighting (Agility)
d8 Healing (Smarts)
d6 Notice (Smarts)
d10 Stealth (Agility)
d6 Survival (Smarts)
d6 Throwing (Agility)
d4 Tracking (Smarts)
d6 Climbing (Strength)

Curious (Major)
Illiterate (Minor)
Loyal (Minor)

Assassin (+2 damage vs unaware targets)
Juju Medicine (+1 medical attention mod; can use survival to brew potions)
Alertness (+2 Notice)
Scavenging (all scavenge rolls are 1d10 instead of 1d20)

Leather (1; covers torso, arms, legs)
Large Shield (2 parry, 2 armor vs ranged)
Axe (str+d6; 3/6/12)
Spear (str+d6; the throwable kind, 3/6/12)
Stun Baton x2 (str+d6; non-lethal)
Warp Field Sword (str+d6+4; ignores armor)

War Truck w/ rear mounted turret (additional window armor and turret gunner shield)
9 shells

Rangefinder Binoculars
energy clip
I.V. tubing
plastic shiv / broken tube from stasis pod
sausage, 6 lbs.


His parents were barter traders ranging from tribe to tribe, bringing supplies found in the wasteland as well as goods from one tribe to another… when he was only nine, his world ended again. His parents got sick drinking from the wrong water source. Thankfully, his own canteen was still full, and so he did not share his parents’ sickness… whether disease or radiation, he was too young to know.

Afraid and alone, he became feral. Living in the wastes, he tried to join the nearest tribe, but was heartlessly turned away. His understanding of society is limited, but his survival skills are top notch from the years spent wandering.

As adulthood approached, he was able to make a few lasting friendships, and ventured into settlements on occasion, but his real home has always been the wastes.

His weapons of choice are a pair of ornately (self)-carved bone spears, one of which he has obviously been using and adding to the patterns for years.

His clothing is made of furs, and he wears a hooded cloak which is all one solid piece of hide from an animal he’s only ever encountered once… and immediately recognized the value of it’s pelt.

The one adornment of civilization he carries is the canteen his parents gave him, even though a seam cracked years ago and it no longer holds water.

He traps his own food, sleeps beneath the stars and prefers silence to mindless chatter.


Love / Tragedy
When he was sixteen, he spent several months living with another wastelander family. Gabe and Marla were like parents to him, but their daughter Crystal held more of his interest. One day, while exploring the ruins of an ancient corporate building, Marla and Crystal were trapped inside a self-sealing room. Hours passed, and they were unable to pry open the door. The banging on the door from the other side grew weaker and ultimately Gabe sent One running to the nearest settlement for help. When he returned with two men they had recent done business with, the door was open and all three of his would-be family members were gone…


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